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I am officially over Obama. Honeymoon phase is over…. and now the unethical behavior of our administration is blatant and understood. I think his election set precedence for the future of diverse presidents but he has also added to the tyranny of America the Police State.

Unfortunately, American citizens aren’t ready for those who could do some real good. It would be a shock to the core of the system. A change for the better means facing the reality that the country we live in is not what we think it is and has changed drastically since the start of the 21st century. We have lost our rights. We could be killed in our own homes by our own government without due process… forget being framed and thrown into jail… now you just die. #realtalk

The question is… what now? What do we do? How can we hold our government accountable? Is it even possible to challenge our government without being called a traitor?

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