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We spend our whole life defining and refining and redefining. What’s left? What needs a name?

How does our name define us?

How does the word God define what its defining?

God does not suffice to name and define what it is meant to define. By naming it, we weaken it and limit our view of understanding.

How do you name the connection and awesomeness that our limited names derive, like Energy Center, Divine Mother, Consciousness, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, Ra, or Krishna?

I think it’s perfectly okay to not name it… but it does make it hard to talk about.

No Costumes Here: Calling All Energies

My ego that is existing in the realm of space and time has recognized its true nature and is having a spiritual break through. Anyone else recognize our connection? I can feel your energy and I know you know what I mean.

We are all part of a whole much greater than our selves.

If you begin to question who I am to speak like this and what sets me apart from you, recognize the energy within you that is being pulled to a greater cause. Recognize that the differences don’t matter. Bring out similarities to the focus.

Do you not believe in something out there unknown?

I’m here to tell you that the answers you seek will be revealed within the process of your journey.

I could give you my ego’s interpretation of the true nature but would you understand it? Would you be able to grasp the idea?

I’m sure many of you are ready and willing to learn more. I know I was and still am.

For I have merely uncovered a layer in the process of knowing.

There is still the jump… the leap of faith that I have yet to make because of fear that I am not quite ready… the desire I have to hold on to this life in space and time is grand. I want to treasure this life and learn from it… there is so much more to learn!

I do want to jump one day though but that is not living in the here and now. So, I shall meditate and be mindful. I will remind myself of who “I” really am.

Any teachers or gurus out there? Anyone who sees me in you and you in I? I sure would like to talk with others on the subject. I sure would like to discuss chakra healing, yoga, mindfulness, love, nature, the here and now, meditation, Buddhism, journeys, the truth, consciousness, God, prana, psychedelics, Psychoses, psychology, chi, karma, and life with anyone really!

Also, I would like each and everyone of you out there to realize the love you have right now. This is the most important tool, feeling, skill, knowledge, and disposition that you will ever need.

You are welcome to ask and comment!

I honestly believe, at the center of my heart, that if we act out of love and try our hardest to do that every day… that things will get better. So many things in our society breed hate (lots of self-hate going on out there). It may sound corny and not relevant but we need more images of love and compassion… we need to understand how hate/fear is filtered and how it effects us and others… but love will move us forward. (By love I mean the root of love… the place where kindness, appreciation, compassion, empathy, awe, god, buddha, muhammad, higher consciousness, light, good, etc etc. comes from.)


Don’t get sucked into the fear. That’s what they want. Because once you let fear in, one you succumb to it, you are controlled by it…and easily made weak. But you’re not weak. Do not be fooled. Hold on to the truth that you are strong. You have power. You cannot be controlled.

Love will allow us to show compassion and empathy. Love will allow us to prevail, not fear. I agree with Hope, fear is a way to control and veer us off of our path. We must let love light the way.

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