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Let's break free from our machine minds.


I just think that we keep getting pissed about surface issues (I’m guilty of this as well) while the underlying issues have NEVER been treated. There will always be inequality; a war on crime, poverty, and drugs; non-sustainable lifestyles for our Earth; a disgusting secrecy to our food system; an epidemic of mood disorders; and a lack of understanding/intellect about these issues as long as the underlying problems in our society (and ultimately all of humanity at this point) remain untreated. 

We need to start acting more like humans and less like mechanical consumeristic drones. There needs to be less abstraction in our every daily lives. We eat burgers (not cows), we drink Pepsi (not caffeinated sugar water), we watch fashion shows (not women becoming live mannequins), and we’re overweight (not people who are hurting and have dealt with depression, anxiety, disease, inactivity, etc). We need to stop grouping ourselves into categories. We need to stop degrading people different from ourselves. I mean the list of what we shouldn’t do is unfortunately endless. 

What we can do today… right now… is go back to supporting one another and loving one another. We are all capable of that… sometimes we slip up and get into the habit of hiding behind a computer screen and degrading people or accepting the status quo even when it’s harmful but we’re all capable of being what we need. Dependence on our mechanical system has estranged us from who we really are. The only way to fight it is to stand together and remind each other that we have the power to love and support one another and make this world better for our children to come.  Only in a nurturing environment can we truly thrive. 

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