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I am officially over Obama. Honeymoon phase is over…. and now the unethical behavior of our administration is blatant and understood. I think his election set precedence for the future of diverse presidents but he has also added to the tyranny of America the Police State.

Unfortunately, American citizens aren’t ready for those who could do some real good. It would be a shock to the core of the system. A change for the better means facing the reality that the country we live in is not what we think it is and has changed drastically since the start of the 21st century. We have lost our rights. We could be killed in our own homes by our own government without due process… forget being framed and thrown into jail… now you just die. #realtalk

The question is… what now? What do we do? How can we hold our government accountable? Is it even possible to challenge our government without being called a traitor?

That the Obama administration is now repeatedly declaring that the ‘war on terror’ will last at least another decade (or two) is vastly more significant than all three of this week’s big media controversies (Benghazi, IRS, and AP/DOJ) combined. The military historian Andrew Bacevich has spent years warning that US policy planners have adopted an explicit doctrine of ‘endless war’. Obama officials, despite repeatedly boasting that they have delivered permanently crippling blows to al-Qaida, are now, as clearly as the English language permits, openly declaring this to be so. It is hard to resist the conclusion that this war has no purpose other than its own eternal perpetuation. This war is not a means to any end but rather is the end in itself. Not only is it the end itself, but it is also its own fuel: it is precisely this endless war - justified in the name of stopping the threat of terrorism - that is the single greatest cause of that threat.
Washington gets explicit: its ‘war on terror’ is permanent | Glenn Greenwald (via theamericanbear)

Support the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012

Today, student loan debt reached $1 Trillion.

Student loan debt has become the latest financial crisis in America and, if we do absolutely nothing, the entire economy will eventually come crashing down again, just as it did when the housing bubble popped. Reasonable minds can disagree as to the solutions, they cannot, however, disagree on the existence of this ever-growing crisis, as well as the unsustainable course we’re on towards financial oblivion.

Representative Hansen Clarke of Michigan has just introduced H.R. 4170, the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012, in the House of Representatives - legislation designed to lend a helping hand to those struggling under massive amounts of student loan debt.

For a brief summary of H.R. 4170’s main provisions, please copy & paste this URL into your browser:


Occupy Wall Street growing rapidly


In addition to rapidly increasing support for the action in New York City, Occupy Wall Street confirmed over the phone that there will be at least 26 solidarity occupations in the U.S. by Oct. 6. Further, they said that up to 70 were possible by the end of October, and recommended visiting Occupy Together for more information.

It’s awesome.

I wrote an article for my College’s newspaper and should be published next week!

Also on October 15th #OccupyPittsburgh will begin!! 

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How many slaves work for you?


A few hundred years ago, it was easy to determine one’s slavery footprint: step out on the porch and count the laborers. Today, millions of slaves make your clothes, food and electronics, but they are hidden halfway around the world: Uzbek children pick cotton for your shirts, Brazilian men harvest your sugar cane, and Congolese boys mine the raw materials that end up in your smartphone.

So, how many slaves work for you?

Slavery Footprint answers this question, breaking down your footprint by the products you own and the regions where forced labor was employed in their production. Justin Dillon, the 42-year-old founder of the non-profit organization Slavery Footprint, hopes the application will serve as a wake-up call to consumers unknowingly complicit in slavery.

I’ll be downloading this APP the moment I find and charge my iPod touch.

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YES!!!: NC gov vetoes bill on abortion restrictions


North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue has vetoed a bill requiring women considering an abortion in the state to get an ultrasound and wait 24 hours after mandated counseling before they could undergo the procedure.

The Democratic governor is an abortion-rights supporter and announced her decision on Monday.

The GOP-led General Assembly could try to override the measure next month.

Planned Parenthood and other groups had urged Perdue to block the measure. It said it needlessly intruded into the relationship between a doctor and a woman already making an informed decision.

Anti-abortion activists say the measure would ensure women make a fully informed decision before a weighty act.

And again…

Thinking about sending Perdue (whom I voted for) a fucking fruit basket.

^^^^^ Bitches indeed get stuff done.

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So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life…

This semester turned out to be a time for a great deal of thought, evaluation, and attempt at change.  August started out fast paced and full of anticipation.  I had a new job at my University, an interesting class schedule, and was hoping to accomplish both smoothly.  Did that happen?  Of course not.  The job has been great, but interesting.  My coworkers are an array of characters, and I’m glad to have had a chance to get to know them.  But no one told me how difficult it would be to balance school work and my social life all while being a rule-enforcing, role-model for some 40 odd girls (most of whom are freshmen).  I like to think I did okay but lets face it, I could have done a way better job at being a role model for them.  It was fun being the “cool” RA for a while but that wasn’t the reason I wanted this job in the first place.  I wanted to help them through this tough transition in life and be somebody who they could look to for advice.  But I started to struggle in areas of my own life and I found it hard to be there for others when I myself, needed someone’s help and advice.  I did have a chance to produce a lovely event on our campus about some feminist issues that was a success but that was my high for the semester.  

I struggled horribly for self-motivation these past three months.  More so then, than I had in a long time.  I found myself not being able to even get out of bed.  I was in what I called “a funk.”  At one point I believe I missed 2 weeks worth of classes in a 3 week span.  I felt myself falling to the point where I wouldn’t be able to get out of this rut.  Thankfully I finished the semester with a 3.37 gpa.  I don’t know how I pulled it off, and I’m not proud of myself for it.  

I started thinking about life in all this “spare” time I really shouldn’t have had.  A fellow floor mate and I began to have those life talks that could be quite depressing to some. The friendship I now have with her is something I look forward to cherishing.  We had some interesting conversations.  We discussed suicide, death, religion, life, ignorance, humanity, philosophy, and psychology.  They were great and we challenged the way we thought.  At first I found myself finding no motivation in this warped life of ours but soon I pushed through that pessimism to where I am now.  When you start questioning life’s purpose/motivation/drive you start to question your identity.  My identity was floating above me and around me but I couldn’t feel and own it.  It was just out of reach and I felt lost.  For about a week I wondered why I was even college but I’m glad that passed by.  

I’m not going to go into how I feel about all the issues I had been thinking at this moment (hopefully my blog as a whole can show you that) but I will tell you this, this is it.  Think about the across-the-room-eye-contacts with someone you’ve never met.  Think about laughing with friends.  Think about a loved one hugging you and you realize you haven’t been really hugged in a long time.  Think about the friends that have been in and out of your life that you won’t ever forget.  That is it.  That’s what is here in our lives, right now; relationships.  And whether we want to admit it or not, we all need them.  Without interaction, love, gossip, drama, hugs, sex, awkward moments, and understanding… life would be meaningless.  It’s all about the game of life.  We get the cards we’re dealt and we play them.  Sometimes we’ll be on a winning streak and sometimes we won’t.  But it’s the game that makes it worth while.  

Politics, families, educational systems, capitalism, consumerism, anarchy, what have you,  it’s all a part of life.  We learn to adapt or change every day to different circumstances.  That’s what it’s all about.  You play the game and one day its over, but the player goes down in history no matter how small your part was.  Someone will tell your story the way they knew it but no one will ever live your exact life.  

So what’s my point?  I don’t exactly know.  Just remember that you are the one who wiggles your own toes.  You are a capable machine that can do amazing things and lead extraordinary lives.  I too need to remind myself of this all the time.  I need to remember that this mundane life doesn’t need to be that. I am in school to increase my opportunities and to meet people.  I could always move to some remote location if I truly wanted to and become one with nature and write a book in the woods but do I really need to?  I just need to realize that some things aren’t worth worrying about.  

In conclusion,  if anyone actually reads this I’m sorry for taking out a chunk of your time if you end up finding this not worthwhile.  I guess I needed to just write all this down somewhere.  My journal is currently upstairs.

Let me know your ideas about life… I’m curious to know what they are?

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